Spatial analysis and Emerging Perspective Patterns



Based on the following Research:

The photographs below were taken within and around the selected area to carry further investigation and research regarding the project. However, the most significant part of the outcome below is that all the photographs were taken, having the camera aiming always at one certain mark/aim. additionally, the photographs not only the were taken from various points within the area but were also taken from various distances. The result is as below.


An overlay of all the perspective grids/patterns that emerged above, as well as the camera aim {+} to show the starting point of the formed perpsective illustration

Added Dimensions

Extruding perspective illustration as to form an additional architectural shape or element in terms of an observers depth of view and visual experience. Visualizing architecturally the perspective outlines by conversion to 3D.

Overlay 3D

Illusory contours in line patterns with apparent depth due to either perspective or overlay.

An illusory contour along a partially delineated border in the form of an apparent ‘outside’ corner due to perspective was as strong as one along a similarly delineated border in the form of an edge due to overlay. An illusory contour along a border in the form of an apparent ‘inside’ corner, due probably to both perspective and overlay, was stronger than either. These outcomes suggest that apparent stratification from overlay is not necessary for the occurrence of illusory contours. They also accord with the view that apparent depth due to overlay or to perspective is equally effective in rendering partially delineated borders more prominent and, in consequence, the illusory contours that form along them stronger. Day RH, Kasperczyk RT. Perception. 1983;12(4):485-90.

Isolating and Distinguishing

As mentioned above, athough I first took these panoramic pictures and drew the perspective outlines while looking at the gridded patterns from the exiting natural elements (trees)  I again decided to convert not only these outlines but also the posts in place of the existing elements to 3d as to look have them isolated and distinguished.

The scene is visualized with the illustrated perspective outlines as an architectural element. This architectural element emerged by first visualizing those outlines as 3d and then converting them to 3d by extruding the perspective outlines that formed a variety of gridded patterns. The idea is to observe and perceive what would be present architecturally, by means of forming  an internal or enclosed space that could be used to interfere with an occupants or users experience.

Emerging Perspective Patterns

In addition to illustrating outlines of emerging fro perspective vision, instead of treating those sites in plan, Panoramic pictures was the next step forward.

Following is a selection of 3 panoramas of the regions between the park’s paths, highlighting the perspective generated from a standpoint.

The trees as elements are transformed and represented as posts. Then through the ‘posts’ appear the perspective illustrations. Colours represent the perspective view that is nearer , in turn clearer, with red colour being the most explicable and understandable.

Distorted Motion, using Flash

From various sources, persisting with investigation on Perspective Vision and Paralax motion i have found that  in Peripheral vision,  on the outer extremes of the visual field, parallel lines become curved, as in a photo taken through a fish-eye lens. This effect, although it’s usually eliminated from both art and photos by the cropping or framing of a picture, greatly enhances the viewer’s sense of being positioned within a real, three dimensional space.

Classical perspective has no use for this so-called “distortion“, although in fact the distortions” strictly obey optical laws and provide perfectly valid visual information, just as classical perspective does for the part of the field of vision that falls within its frame.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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