Millom Castle, S.W. Cumbria


The task was to conduct a measured survey of a group of existing buildings unique to the Cumbrian region in order to record their form, structure, material and how over time they have been added to. This is primarily an exercise in measuring, drawing and modeling a building and its rooms, although it is important to understand the context of the building both physically and culturally.In the previous building study there was a direct relationship between the infrastructural quality of the buildings  looked at and their programme. This is an exercise in space and structure to learn lessons in proportion and composition, abstract from the programme of the building.Where the infrastructural buildings explored in London (Study 2) seem almost superimposed on the city structure determining what was around them, these buildings seem to have evolved with and even from the landscape. Arguably they can be described as vernacular in the sense that they have come to belong to and characterise this region.  Also believed,  there is a joy to be had in simply recording thesebuildings, some seem so fragile that if to fall into further ruin without being recorded, a small part of the history of this region and even the country would be lost.



*** Many thanks to Matthew Emmott whom his website and blog have provided valuable information for the research on this project.

Visit for photos of Cumbrian castles and pele towers, for photos of Cumbrian churches.




Site :


Building :

Millom Castle & Pele Tower


Survey Drawings:

Research :


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