MA Architecture & Digital Media

Location:Uni Westminster/
Day: Saturday-Sunday-All week/
Time:Production time/
Aim: Shoot the Weather!

From Photographic Workshop:
Confrontation of the necessarily limited frame of the photographic image with the seemingly boundless quality of the space of weather.

This confrontation aims to question the integrity, or appearance of integrity of the photographic image. It is also an attempt at a constructed, larger space, a space related to a common understanding of weather and therefore a social envelope.

………………##Local Wather##………………

Photographs of this first part of the project at my Flickr photostream.

The Photographs used as in presented order are :

photographic workshop presentation

Weather Theme
First weather experience on campus: grey skies. Windy afternoon and rain… I began my concept by thinking how to line up compositions. It was quite a foggy afternoon, and the campus scene was soaked in water, there was dampness and wind.
What does water and wind have in common besides being essential composition elements of weather…Movement. Wind can move water enhancing the texture of the ground and surfaces, making them look soft and light, and water in turn, flows from wind.
Thinking of movement, I looked at people and water . I glanced at individuals stepping out in the courtyard and it was as every movement began with one person and then the rest followed. I found an interaction between human activity and behaviour in relation to the effect weather elements enclose.
Respectively, water made the wet surfaces appear as if they were fabric and bendable when people were moving, and it seemed as if it was flowing with them.
To represent movement I walked around the courtyard, taking shots from different points and levels, but always focusing my camera straight. It reminded me of the most simple 3d drawing with its vanishing point and all the activity happening or all the objects taking place within the boundary of that point. Then, when the photographs are placed together, the contrast between the different levels and spaces, are obvious as in terms of showing the movement from a certain point to the other and the specific still position of the camera.
Moving at the back side of the campus, I took some shots of plants. I liked the way they moved to the rhythm of the wind. I remembered studying mathematics at school, algorithms, physics, lines with their equation to form a curve, matrices etc. I thought what if the simple things in life, like the blowing of wind and the effect it has on the movement of these plants could be explained in a complex equation or mathematical code. It is very daring, yes, but still there is this mystery to it that makes it yet more interesting.
Concurrently movement as in terms of the flow of weather elements, change of levels, and people around the campus, also to relates to the rhythm of the plans caused by wind. There is certainly a common behaviour between these factors that is worth examined. And there is no explanation of why and how, weather elements affect our movement and behaviour besides the, obvious for everyone fact, that affects our mood. But how about the way we move? And what about our perception of movement? How and why does weather influence what we see and how we reach for something? Do we move like the plants under wind? Change our rhythm and direction like the wind affects those plants? Is our flow of movement within the wet surfaces same as the leave’s flow under wind…?



Interactive Animation Main image – Centre point ‘’act’’

The main courtyard image is the part to keep an eye on. Everything takes place in here. Is the place where movement within the chosen element happened, and it is the link to all other explorations.

portal scene

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